Sharing of knowledge related to engineering practices.

Product Code Name Date & Time Status
SM-MD-3 Fundamentals of Engineering Metrology Feb 28, 2024 Wed @06:00PM Available
SE-MD-2 Fundamentals of Gear Design Jan 22, 2022 Sat @03:00PM Unavailable
SM-PP-1 Introduction to Solar Energy Mar 01, 2024 Fri @06:00PM Available
SM-MD-1 Mathematical Thinking for Engineers Apr 01, 2022 Fri @03:00PM Unavailable
RV-SM-1 Non-Conventional Power Plant / Renewable Energy Dec 18, 2021 Sat @03:00PM Unavailable
SE-MT-1 Professional Practice and Engineering Ethics Apr 23, 2022 Sat @06:00PM Unavailable